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Designed by Martin Lukačka

Experience a sudden burst of energy. Like a comet, this hand-blown crystal gem is followed by a flaming tail of glittering beads, blazing straight down to the ground. True to its name, flash fills the interior with a flare of brightness and light.

"When I am looking for inspiration, I start drawing – anything. I enjoyed this since I was a child drawing my first ground plans. Aged 15, I tried designing a house, which I got so excited about that, in the end, I decided to study architecture. During my studies, I came across related fields – art, graphics, and interior design – where I also gained practical experience. Though what I love the most is product design. It is not elusive and can give shape to the finest of details." - Martin Lukačka, Designer



Dia 150 x H 570 X D 170 mm

L 1900 x W 800 x H 3300 x OH 3800 mm

L 770 x W 200 x H 300 x OH 1200 mm

L 700 x W 300 x H 600 x OH 650 mm

L 1700 x W 600 x H 1500 x OH 2000 mm

Dia 1000 x H 1500 x OH 1800 mm

Dia 900 x H 2300 x OH 2600 mm

Dia 700 x H 1200 x OH 1400 mm

Dia 800 x 1400 x OH 1500 mm

L 2600 x W 1700 x H 1000 x OH 1050 mm


Light Cognac

Dark cognac


Crystal light cognac

Crystal semigold

Crystal with inner silvering

Sandblasted crystal

Opal crystal


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