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Designed by Katarina Lukačková

A stunning simplicity in its highest form. Bowls are a perfect representation of a sleek component used to create a fluid wave of light in an interior. Starting with a hand-blown crystal glass “bowl,” contrast is added through nano-coated metal gilding of one side and combined with color on the other side of the convex. Suspended in a very organic shape, Bowls creates an elegant, contemporary centerpiece with a lustrous touch.

"Ever since I was a child, I have had a great liking for visual arts. At the same time, I tried to develop technical skills and a pragmatic approach, which led me to study architecture and urbanism. After I obtained a degree, my career turned towards art again. With glass being such a fascinating material, I got excited about product design. The fact that I do not come from a glass-making background allows me to step back and take a different look at working with glass. It gives me space to search for new possibilities, explore the limits and try to extend them." Katarina Lukačková, Designer



L 2600 x W 1000 x H 400 x OH 500 mm

Dia 1000 x H 1600 x OH 1800 mm

Dia 1300 x H 450 x OH 800 mm

L 3600 x W 1700 x H 3400 x OH 3700 mm

L 4300 x W 1500 x H 550 x OH 650 mm

L 5100 x W 4000 x H 850 x OH 900 mm

L 6400 x W 1900 x H 800 x OH 900 mm

Dia 3500 x H 2400 x OH 2800 mm

L 4500 x W 500 x H 600 x OH 800 mm


Onyx aurum

Aquamarine argent

Cognac argent

Onyx rose

Opal aurum

Opal titan

Sandblasted aurum

Tabac rose

Opal aurum with pattern

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