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Designed by Tomáš Sákra

Daring design with a luxurious finish. Suspended from the ceiling like long sleek needles, Eyelet brings high-end design into your interior. This collection harnesses the best in glassmaking techniques and technology, featuring dimmable LED chips to fill your space with sparkling light.

Eyelet features components crafted from premium bohemian crystal, shaped into sleek rods with a spherical eyelet at the tip. These pieces are finished with a combination of soda effect and sleek metal nano-coating in a range of colours. Each glass rod embodies contemporary luxury.

When the components are suspended in formation, they create one-of-a-kind installations with design and quality at their heart. Formations capture your gaze suspended vertically through high spaces. This unique collection makes elegant pieces that cascade down through your interior.

"Inspired by my parents, I dedicated my whole life to glass. I went from studying the design of light objects in school in Kamenický Senov to completing a university degree in product design. My approach to design is that it is not definitive. It can be further developed and improved." Tomáš Sákra, Designer



Dia 400 x H 1900 x OH 2000 mm

Dia 1000 x H 2700 x OH 3000 mm

Dia 1900 x H 6800 x OH 7500 mm

Dia 2400 x H 1000 x OH 1100 mm

L 3600 x W 2800 x H 1800 x OH 1900 mm

L 1900 x W 800 x H 1300 x OH 1500 mm





Titan blue

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