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Flying Leaves

Designed by Kateřina Lenikusová

Flying Leaves brings poetry inside with hand-blown crystal suspended in a very organic shape. Each leaf is blown and hand-crafted by a master glassmaker, making it a true original. Spots of metal coating brighten individual leaves to create a radiant formation full of playful lightness.

"Glass has fascinated me as a material since the start of my studies and throughout my professional career. When designing, I particularly like to revive the almost forgotten, less commonly used glass-making techniques. I try to apply these creatively and innovatively to produce beautiful lighting installations." Kateřina Lenikusová, Designer



L 1200 x W 1200 x H 550 x OH 600 mm

Dia 2000 x H 1450 x OH 1500 mm

Dia 2000 x H 900 x OH 1000 mm

Dia 2400 x H 1100 x OH 1200 mm

L 3900 x W 2700 x H 4400 x OH 4600 mm

Dia 1900 x H 3300 x OH 4000 mm

L 1600 x W 600 x H 700 x OH 900 mm

L 200 x H 400 x D 80 mm

Dia 1300 x H 4400 x OH 6300 mm

L 1200 x W 500 x H 8800 x OH 10000 mm

L 3500 x W 1200 x H 800 x OH 900 mm

L 2500 x W 900 x H 700 x OH 1000 mm



Crystal with soda

Light cognac

Crystal aurum

Light cognac with golden mica


Crystal with silver mica

Crystal with golden mica

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