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Designed by Barbora Jarošová

Crystal petals float to the ground like icy snowflakes. A centerpiece fit for snow queen‘s palace, where the delicate and fragile hand-blown pieces glide suspended from the ceiling in various dreamy formations. The delicate artisan crystal glass components embody the fragility of flowers touched by the first frost. The icy effect intensified by adding a color gradient and gilded edges state true luxury.

"I admire the glassmaking craft, and I admire glass as a material. On the one hand, it is so crystal clear, gentle, and innocent, and on the other hand, it is unmanageable and spirited. I admire the craftsmen who tamed it. However, glass is glass, it always has its way." Barbora Jarošová, Designer



Dia 2000 x H 6400 x OH 6600 mm

Dia 900 x H 350 x OH 600 mm

Dia 1000 x H 3100 x OH 4000 mm

Dia 1800 x H 5400 x OH 5600 mm

Dia 1300 x H 1600 x OH 1800 mm

Dia 1200 x H 2200 x OH 3000 mm

L 2400 x W 1000 x H 1200 x OH 1300 mm


Crystal with silver mica

Crystal with onyx

Crystal with onyx and silver mica

Crystal with cobalt haze and silver mica

Crystal with cobalt and silver mica

Crystal with light cognac and tabac haze

Crystal with gilded edge

Crystal with cognac and golden mica

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