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Designed by Sans Souci

Audrey Hepburn once said: "When I wear a silk scarf, I never feel so definitely like a woman, a beautiful woman." This much-coveted symbol of elegance and luxury can make the same statement in an interior.

Kerchiefs, floating effortlessly through air as if picked up by the wind, will instantly lift your decor to a nobler level adding a touch of style. Prepare to be blown away by hand-blown opal glass lightness with a contrasting metal finish.



Dia 1200 x H 950 x OH 1000 mm

L 1100 x W 1100 x H 2000 x OH 2600 mm

L 1300 x W 800 x H 700 x OH 1000 mm

Dia 1300 x H 2500 x OH 2900 mm

Dia 900 x H 1900 x OH 2000 mm

Dia 2000 x H 5200 x OH 9500 mm

Dia 1200 x H 2100 x OH 2400 mm

Dia 3000 x H 1800 x OH 1900 mm

L 5600 x W 4400 x H 5000 x OH 5500 mm


Onyx aurum

Tabac haze aurum

Titan aurum

Opal rose

Opal aurum

Opal mist argent

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