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Designed by Jiří Svoboda

Nuggets is a lump of gold or other precious metal ready-formed in the earth. To recreate this organic wonder – each hand-blown crystal glass component is individually shaped and then finished with metal nano-coating in a perfect union of old craft and new technology. Every piece is unique, and together Nuggets can decorate any wall in many striking shapes and patterns.

"I have always tried to find the easiest way to an impressive work of art. It is the approach I have followed since the beginning of my career as a designer. A passion I wanted to pursue since I was a child. I was fascinated by the design of lighting even then. The combination of glass and light and the effect both can have on a space. With every object made of glass, I immediately try to find a way of turning it into a light fixture. I enjoy discovering new techniques and materials, and I like providing technical solutions because these give shape to what started as an idea." - Jiří Svoboda


L 900 x H 1200 x D 200 mm

L 2600 x H 3400 x D 100 mm

L 2600 x H 1600 x D 200 mm

L 900 x H 1200 x D 200 mm

L 2600 x H 3400 x D 100 mm

L 2600 x H 1600 x D 200 mm


Cobalt Mirror

Turquoise Mirror




Cognac Mirror

Crystal with amber haze

Crystal Mirror

Crystal with opal haze

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