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Designed by Martin Lukačka

The source of life, where it all begins. The Origin collection is inspired by the beauty and life-giving power of the ocean. It brings delicate beauty together with the strength of natural world to create bold contemporary pieces for your space.

The crystal components mirror the natural shapes and curves found in shells on the sea floor. Each is finished with soda effect to capture the trail of bubbles from the creation process and expert nano-coating in cognac or golden hues can be applied in variations to the inside and outside of each piece, to draw you in and play with light. These delicate pieces are fixed with black leather, a nod to the tough glassmaking process where it all begins.

Origin brings bold design into your space, perfect for contemporary interiors. The components can be fitted at uniform or varying heights to guide your gaze through the interior. The contrast of light and dark, delicate and strong, makes unique installations that play with your perceptions.

"When I am looking for inspiration, I start drawing – anything. I enjoyed this since I was a child drawing my first ground plans. Aged 15, I tried designing a house, which I got so excited about that, in the end, I decided to study architecture. During my studies, I came across related fields – art, graphics, and interior design – where I also gained practical experience. Though what I love the most is product design. It is not elusive and can give shape to the finest of details." Martin Lukačka, Designer



Dia 700 x H 800 x OH 1700 mm

Dia 400 x H 800 x OH 1700 mm

L 1800 x W 1000 x H 1000 x OH 1900 mm

L 1300 x W 700 x H 700 x OH 1400 mm

L 1400 x W 600 x H 1000 x OH 1700 mm

Dia 800 x H 2100 x OH 3100 mm


Aquamarine with haze

Dark cognac with haze

Crystal aurum opal haze

Light cognac

Crystal with soda and inner gilding

Crystal with soda and inner amber

Crystal with golden mica

Crystal with soda

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