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Designed by Jiří Krišica

Elegance and innovation combine to create a beautiful symphony. This dramatic collection features sleek crystal tubes finished in golden coating and the surface is then cut in intricate geometric patterns, which play with the light. Symphony represents a perfect blend of high-end craft and modern technology, to form unique designs that are the ultimate centrepiece for your interior.

On their own, these components are beautiful but when they come together, they form a breathtaking symphony. They can hang in sweeping vertical formations to draw your gaze up through the space or in more contemporary designs with the components suspended horizontally. 

This collection was used as the inspiration for Sans Souci’s bespoke lighting installation for the centre of the exit lobby at the world-famous Burj al Arab’s hotel in Dubai. This stunning chandelier is comprised of 210 crystal tubes, weighing around 450 kilograms, and was adapted to feature a motif from the hotel’s interior.

What fascinates me about working with glass is the share of manual work, which is still significant. It requires fine craftsmanship and precision of a master glass-maker. In the era of machines and robotics, these skills are becoming increasingly rare. My roots go back to north bohemia, where the craft of glass-making is passed from generation to generation. I also follow in the steps of my family tradition of cutters, engravers, and miniature makers. I pay great interest to details around me since they can provide endless inspiration for creating glowing objects of art. Jiří Krišica, Designer



Dia 300 x H 1250 x OH 1400 mm

Dia 1100 x H 4800 x OH 5100 mm

Dia 3000 x H 7400 x OH 7600 mm

Dia 1500 x H 4000 x OH 4100 mm

Dia 800 x H 1700 x OH 1900 mm

L 1100 x W 700 x H 2300 x OH 2500 mm

L 1000 x W 700 x H 1800 x OH 3400 mm

L 1100 x W 400 x H 600 x OH 1000 mm

L 3100 x W 2400 x H 1600 x OH 2500 mm

L 2500 x W 800 x H 650 x OH 700 mm

L 3700 x W 1900 x H 500 x OH 600 mm




Titan blue



Titan blue

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