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Dubai Hills Estate Villa

A series of eight lighting installations adorn this luxury villa in Dubai Hills Estate, a premium residential area located within Mohammed bin Rashid City, a mixed-use development in Dubai, UAE, named after the current ruler and often described as “a city within the city”.

Five of the eight fixtures were inspired by some of our best-loved collections, namely BOWLS in cognac, crystal, and gold colour with an added decorative stainless steel baseplate with a gold lacquer; CONTOUR and FROZEN in crystal colour with gilded edges and a stainless steel finish; FLAMENCO in crystal colour; and LURE in gold and crystal colour with a soda effect, both with a polished brass finish.

Dubai Hills Estate Villa

The remaining three were created entirely bespoke, with designs reminiscent of stalactites in the case of ICEFALL and two geometric shapes – cylinder and sphere – in the case of TUBES and BALLS, respectively. The first was made in crystal colour with a soda effect, the second in a bronze colour with a rose gold nanocoating, and the third in an even mix of cognac and crystal colour with a polished brass finish.

From the main foyer to the lounge area to the kitchen, each lighting installation constitutes the ultimate centrepiece for the intended space, employing a wide gamut of colours and finishes, showcasing our almost inexhaustible design range as a result.


Thanks to our extensive design experience on many different projects and our unique commercial expertise, we can deliver creative and high-performing lighting solutions for any interior.

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