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Projects/Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Interiors and state-of-the-art technology, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz guarantees the best in hospitality.


We developed ten lighting designs for the hotel’s interiors with the crowning jewel – an eighteen-meter-long crystal waterfall that cascades down the central staircase, from the rooftop to the ground floor. Created by Sans Souci in collaboration with Carbone interior design studio, the installation features a curtain made out of 33 000 crystal glass pieces, upcycling components from the previous Swarovski chandelier.

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Interiors and state-of-the-art technology combine to create this immense crystal waterfall. Sans Souci created this captivating piece as well as nine other installations produced specially for this project.

Swiss Grand Resort guarantees the best in hospitality and so Sans Souci’s team worked to create installations for the space that embody the very best in design and craftsmanship.


Thanks to our extensive design experience on many different projects and our unique commercial expertise, we can deliver creative and high-performing lighting solutions for any interior.

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