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Projects/Jeju Shinhwa World

Jeju Shinhwa World

A series of installations that play with spheres and spherical designs specially created for Jeju Shinhwa World resort, South Korea. Sans Souci worked alongside Wilson Associates to create a series of installations for these luxurious interiors.


Our principal design for the resort is called Crystal Rain, imitating gentle rain sprinkling the trees beneath, and includes 2,900 handblown glass spheres finished in contrasting clear crystal, metal nano-coated, and mother-of-pearl.

Spheres also inspired the installation in the resorts lounge, formed of three impressive glass globes. Each globe is made of hand-made components in various shades of amber golden nanocoating.

Our final design consists of delicate crystal leaves suspended as if floating on the wind. Made of sandblasted glass with mother-of-pearl touches, each unique component is suspended on wire lines, shaping the installation into a wave.

Jeju Shinhwa World

All these three installations share a common colour palette and natural motifs.


Thanks to our extensive design experience on many different projects and our unique commercial expertise, we can deliver creative and high-performing lighting solutions for any interior.

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