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Projects/Jetex FBO VIP Terminal

Jetex FBO VIP Terminal

A sleek installation specially designed to crown the world’s largest facility for private aviation, Jetex FBO VIP terminal in Dubai. Sans Souci created a one-of-a-kind piece for the most exclusive travellers.

When you land in Dubai on a private jet, you will be greeted by the VIP airport terminal, currently the largest of its kind in the world.

Offering the ultimate terminal experience in terms of functionality and design, the exterior of the building is inspired by the clean lines of aerodynamics. We echoed these smooth, straight lines in the interior and the light installation in the main lounge.

Jetex FBO VIP Terminal

The piece consists of 1,000 transparent crystal glass tubes entwined to form a in a 26-meter strip. The lightness and random arrangement of the components makes it seems as if the piece is floating above the lounge.


Thanks to our extensive design experience on many different projects and our unique commercial expertise, we can deliver creative and high-performing lighting solutions for any interior.

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