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Projects/KPM Healthcare Center

KPM Healthcare Center

A serene sculpture for leading healthcare providers in Hong Kong. Sans Souci designers were inspired by the calming power of the ocean to create this bespoke installation.


The calming KPM embodies an oasis of health, known for offering premium and comprehensive care to its clients. Sans Souci created an installation to evoke serenity and create a calming ambience for patients visiting the center.

KPM Health Centre

We created a bespoke centerpiece for the reception space, inspired by the sea. This glass coral reef features an anemone surrounded by a school of fish. Each fish is handblown, with amber and crystal layers applied to opal glass on one side and with metal nanocoating technology on the other.

We used expert finishing techniques, including silvering and amber colouring, to achieve the most natural look.


Thanks to our extensive design experience on many different projects and our unique commercial expertise, we can deliver creative and high-performing lighting solutions for any interior.

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