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Projects/Sablier Rooftop Restaurant & Bar

Sablier Rooftop Restaurant & Bar

A captivating piece of drama. This exquisite installation combines light, beauty, and music to crown the award-winning interior design of the Sablier Restaurant, Zurich.


We worked closely with the team at Thöny Interior Design to create the ultimate centrepiece for the Sablier restaurant, located in the Circle complex at Zurich airport. Sans Souci’s OPERA and FLASH collection were specially chosen to add drama to these rich interiors.

Sablier Rooftop Restaurant & Bar

The OPERA installation runs 12 metres through the bar and restaurant. It is made from hand-blown glass components, suspended from the ceiling, in decadent golden hues.

Part of our dynamic lighting collection, different components of the installation light up in time in different colours. This bespoke piece brings together beauty, drama and colourful experience.


Thanks to our extensive design experience on many different projects and our unique commercial expertise, we can deliver creative and high-performing lighting solutions for any interior.

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